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You are welcome to join us for worship every Sunday at 11.00.

The Church of Scotland in Geneva is an English speaking Presbyterian / Reformed Church whose congregation is made up of many different nationalities and denominations.

It is a dynamic community with new people arriving and others moving on almost every week. Newcomers and visitors of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us, the only requirements being a working knowledge of English and a desire to discover more about what it means to follow Jesus in our modern world.

We number around 200 families from Geneva and the surrounding area including Vaud and neighbouring France, and have a wide range of activities to promote Christian service and fellowship for all age-groups and interests.

Our links in this city go back to the days when the Scotsman John Knox ministered here alongside John Calvin, but today we are a contemporary community seeking to be a place of shelter and inspiration to all who seek what Christ offers us.

Visitors are always very welcome.

Advent Calendar
Advent is almost here and hope is in the air. The four-week season, which this year runs from Sunday 2 December to Monday 24 December, is a special time for Christians.


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Accessibility News

The Church of Scotland in Geneva is currently taking steps to increase the accessibility of our services. We welcome and include everyone in our diverse international congregation, including persons with disabilities. We respect and celebrate the value that diversity adds.

Access for wheelchair users: There is currently no access for wheelchair users to the Calvin Auditorium. Together with the relevant parties involved, we are exploring options for increasing wheelchair access, for example by adding a ramp to one of the entrances.

Visually impaired persons: Large print versions of the hymn book are available in the back of the Auditoire. If you would like help getting one of these versions to use during the service, please ask an usher. The number of each hymn is announced before it is sung. If you would like assistance being escorted to a seat when you arrive, please just let an usher know. We will also review our website for compliance with the Web Accessibility (WAI) WCAG standards.

Hard of hearing persons: We use an amplified sound system and we are working to improve the sound quality in the Auditoire. There is currently no hearing loop installed and there is no realtime captioning. Readers during services are encouraged to speak clearly.

Deaf persons: Services are held in English. There is no sign language interpretation (British, American, French or other) given that we do not currently have Deaf congregation members using sign language. Deaf visitors bringing their own interpreters are encouraged to arrive at services early so that we can find the best seating arrangements for you and your interpreters.

Persons with intellectual disabilities (such as Down Syndrome, or brain injury): We are currently working on an easy-to-read welcome document. Our services include an all-ages talk for people of all ages and abilities.

Please click here for an easy-ro-read version of our welcome page.

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Church of Scotland Geneva

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